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1857 Civil War Miniature Cannon

1857 Civil War Miniature Cannon,Civil War Miniature Cannon
The 1857 Civil War Miniature Cannon, boasts exceptional detail and historical accuracy. Expertly crafted, authentic brass, metal, and wood moving parts, this miniature cannon is sure to impress both history enthusiasts and collectors alike.
Price: $15.00

British Naval Cannon 18th Century

British Naval Cannon 18th Century FD407
Our British Naval Cannon 18th Century is a miniature replica of a Louis XIV field cannon, approximately 12in long and is well constructed and is sized for a shelf display. The wheels rotate and the barrel can be tipped and elevated. Details are excellent. 
Price: $87.00

Civil War Miniature Cannon

Civil War Miniature Cannon
In a battle, heavy artillery can make all the difference for the outcome, even when they were fighting in the Civil War. This Miniature Civil War Cannon is an accurate reproduction from the days of early artillery.
Price: $49.00

Civil War Miniature Limber

Civil War Miniature Limber
A truly exceptional collectible for Civil War enthusiasts and history buffs alike, the Civil War Miniature Limber. Expertly crafted with authentic brass, metal, and wood moving parts, is sure to impress with its outstanding detail and historical accuracy.
Price: $16.75

Denix Mini Civil War Cannon

Denix Mini Civil War Cannon FD422
This miniature U.S. Civil War cannon is typical of the field cannons used by both sides in the conflict. At 7.25 inches long, this piece is part of a series of famous cannon miniatures from Denix made in Spain. The Civil War cannon is ideal for wargamers or Civil War collectors. The Civil War cannon has authentic detailing and historically accurate.
Price: $31.00

Denix Mini Napoleonic Cannon Circa 1806

Denix Mini Napoleonic Cannon Circa 1806 FD420
The Napoleonic Wars saw extensive use of field cannon, and this miniature replica is based on a French piece that possibly saw action at the Battle of Waterloo. Typified by the on-board powder chest and the bronze barrel (iron barrels were yet to become reliable), this model saw service for many decades.
Price: $35.00

Mini Napoleon Cannon

Mini Napoleon Cannon,Denix Mini Napoleonic Cannon
Get ready to own a piece of history with our Mini Napoleon Cannon! A smaller version of our popular #FD420 model, this miniature cannon is crafted entirely from metal with a sleek brass finish barrel. 
Price: $13.50
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