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Brass Bugle - Civil War Era

Our Brass Bugle - a stunning reproduction from the Civil War era. Crafted with the highest attention to detail, our bugles are instrument-quality pieces that not only look amazing but sound incredible too. Whether you're looking to reenact a Civil War battle or simply add a piece of history to your collection, our brass bugles are sure to impress. Made from drawn brass, our bugles are durable and capable of sounding the charge with ear-splitting efficiency. Plus, the brass can be highly polished to give it an even more impressive shine. Don't settle for a cheap imitation - choose our Brass Bugle for an authentic and unforgettable experience.

* Made from Drawn Brass
* Instrument Quality Bugle
* Can Be Highly Polished

* Height: 5.5 inches
* Length: 11 inches
* Width: 4 inches
* Weight: 1lb 4oz

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